Our History

historyWe are a family owned business with deep Lancaster County roots. More than 80 years ago, local farmers turned to Harry and Robert Hess for insurance advice. Harry and his son, Robert, helped local farmers to organize and manage mutual insurance companies to insure their farms, homes and crops around Mastersonville.

As Lancaster County has grown, so have we. We still provide farm insurance, but we also offer coverage for homes, autos and businesses. We fill the need for life, disability, accident and health insurance, including dental, Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans.

We haven’t gone far but we’ve come a long way. We outgrew the small office behind the general store in Mastersonville in 1999 and moved into our present building, a beautifully repurposed barn. Harry and Robert worked with pens and carbon paper. Today, we place coverage electronically directly on the company websites.

Some things haven’t changed. We’re still a family business. We still value long term relationships. We still try to serve our community. We are still committed to the core values of a simpler time.

We give our best at all times. We treat our clients, employees, and suppliers with respect.
We guard and conserve our clients' resources as we guard our own. We live up to our commitments.