Your policy is only as good as the company that stands behind it. That’s why we represent insurance organizations that have well-earned reputations for financial stability and fair and prompt claims payment.

One caution about claims. Sometimes, it might not be in your best interest to submit a claim to the company. In case of a serious loss, by all means, get help immediately. Otherwise you should probably talk with us first.

Acuityplus(800) 242-7666
Aegisplus(855) 790-0550
Erie(800) 458-0811
Foremostplus(800) 527-3905
Frederick Mutualplus(800) 544-8737
Goodvilleplus(717) 354-4921
Hagertyplus(888) 220-9565
Hartfordplus(800) 327-3636
Lititz Mutualplus(855)725-5642
Millers Mutualplus(800) 745-4555 #2
Progressiveplus(800) 758-0943
Reamstown Mutual(888) 764-7262
Tuscarora Wayne(570) 746-1515
Westfield(866) 937-2663
Windsor-Mount Joy(800) 233-0228
We give our best at all times. We treat our clients, employees, and suppliers with respect.
We guard and conserve our clients' resources as we guard our own. We live up to our commitments.