home owners

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All homeowner’s insurance policies may share common elements, but they are not all alike. They all insure against fire, lightning and windstorm, but each company takes its own approach to backup of drains, identity theft, and other important coverages.

Which policy is best for you? We can help with that choice. We’ve been doing that for more than 80 years. We will help you tailor your coverage to achieve the best protection at the best price.

A simple conversation is all it takes. Our friendly professionals take the pain out of shopping for homeowner’s insurance. We are independent agents, so we can compare multiple coverage proposals and premium quotations to make your choice easy.

Not sure how much coverage you need? We can help with that, too. Your limits need to be high enough to replace all of your damaged or lost property. Discounts and deductibles can help control your costs.

We give our best at all times. We treat our clients, employees, and suppliers with respect.
We guard and conserve our clients' resources as we guard our own. We live up to our commitments.