How to choose a Mount Joy Home insurance agency?


Whether you have lived in Mount Joy your whole life or are just moving in from out of the area, choosing a Mount Joy home insurance agency is an important relationship to develop to make sure you are properly covering all aspects of your home. As Mount Joy continues to grow and have everything from beautiful homes built in the 1800’s to brand new well-equipped 2019 built homes, it’s important to have a local agent assist you that understands the coverages you need.

While most homeowners policies cover things like fire, wind, hail, and theft, our companies offer many additional coverages that are just as important. Underground service line coverage provides coverage in case your water, electric, tv/cable, or sewer lines under your yard need to be dug up and repaired or replaced. Sewer and drain backup covers both if a sump pump system in your basement gets backed up and causes damage, or if water or sewage backs up into your house from toilets, sinks or drains. Ordinance or law covers you if your house would have damage and have an increased expense to rebuild differently to conform to new building codes or laws. Our companies offer extended replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost options to make sure you will be properly insured if you have a large loss to your home.

Our family run agency spans five generations now, and we have been in business since 1932. Please give us a call at 717-665-2770 or stop by our restored dairy barn office located conveniently just off of 283 on Manheim Mount Joy Rd/772. We’d love to be the Mount Joy home insurance agency you choose to help you find the best insurance company and coverage for you.

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